24-in-1 Adaptable Ratchet Set
24-in-1 Adaptable Ratchet Set $44.99 $69.99
Adapt it to your needs This revolutionary toolkit meets the needs for both professional use and home “do-it-yourself” repairs. It was designed for multi-purpose use, as it can be adapted to many combinations in order to reach tight and narrow spaces. Multi-function It's detachable and interchangeable handle allows you to create several ratchet combinations.   The heads and bits are magnetic and differentiated by color. You will be able to quickly identify the piece and set the tool to your specific need.                         This tool will cover all essential head/bit specifications. You can basically repair any device in categories like Computers, Home Appliances, Bicycles, Furniture and Drones with this SINGLE tool set.     Allen (Hexagon), Slotted, Phillips, Pozidriv and Torx     The ratchet wrench can tighten and loosen with incredible accuracy and so little effort!          A high-torque ratchet wrench A delicate gear ratcheting system that only needs a 6.2 degree sweep.    A labor-saving design Say goodbye to old, rusty toolboxes. This set comes in a light weight, portable and stylish box. You can take it anywhere, and it won't occupy much space. You could even take it in a biking trip and it won't bother you at all.        Tool-Box Dimensions:          Industrial grade S2 chromium molybdenum alloy steel made screwdriver heads, with continuous heat treatment process. Assisted high precision CNC integrated molding with carburizing thermal refining, industrial grade service life, hard but not brittle and very tough.   A must-have tool for every handyman! Stop wasting time and avoid frustration!      
Flexible Screwdriver Extension
Flexible Screwdriver Extension $19.99 $29.99
Fix anything, anywhere... This simple drill bit tool extension now allows you to effortlessly reach and screw bolts in tight and narrow spaces.  Strong & flexible! It was designed for it to bend, twist and rotate at different angles. Reaching places that are usually a hassle and awkward to fix with optimal torque and comfortable handability.           Plastic material protects your hands and wrists while you can operate comfortably. Great for computer chassis, electrical cabinets, furniture, electrical appliances, bicycles, cars and any other places regular screwdrivers can't reach. Adaptable for electrical and regular screwdrivers.   Dimensions:    A must-have tool extension for every handyman! Stop wasting time and avoid frustration!                
117-in-1 Precision Screwdriver Set
117-in-1 Precision Screw Set $49.99 $79.99
117-in-1 Precision Screwdriver Set Fix anything with this game-changing precision set! It can be used for home appliances such as tv, air conditioners, fans, fridge, car repair and so much more. Fit for profesional or personal use. Works to disassemble electronic devices such as phones, tablets, digital cameras, watches and consoles.  Flexible, Magnetic & Detachable! Brings along a flexible extension which allows you to effortlessly reach and screw bolts in tight and narrow spaces. It was designed for it to bend, twist and rotate at different angles. Reaching places that are usually a hassle and awkward to fix with optimal torque and comfortable handability.  Its 117 magnetic head-bits cover all essential specifications. Making disassembly more precise and pleasant than ever. All with one-single-tool! Specifications: Product Details: Color: Black/Red/Blue Material: Chrome-Vanadium Steel (Impact Resistant Toolbox) Size: 200x110x60. / 7.87x4.33x2.36in. Weight: 420g / 14.81ounce What it brings... A must-have Tool-Box for every handy-man!  Stop wasting time with inefficient tools and avoid frustration!
Laser Range Measurer
Laser Range Measurer $49.99 $79.99
The Laser Measurer Utilizing precision laser technology, The Laser Measurer allows you to calculate distances quickly, easily and accurately with every use. Forget about old rusty measuring tapes, make your handy-work more practical and fancy than ever! Measure up to 330ft (100 meters) in length! Ideal for interior decoration, renovation, flooring and walls. A quick, easy and accurate way to measure distances while walking. Measure Length, Area & Volume! Take advantage of the latest state-of-the art technology and measure length, area, volume, max & min distances within a scanned range and Pythagorean triangles.  Has incorporated two gradient levelers (horizontal/vetical) to ensure precise measuring. Accuracy of ±1/16 inch (1.5mm). Switch among Ft/In/M/Cm freely, also bears a metric to imperial unit converter or vice-versa. Product Details: Color: Black/Orange Material: ‎Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene Dimensions: 6.1x3.3x2.4 in. / 15.5x8.4x6.1 cm. (Pocket Size!) Weight: 5.6 ounces / 160 grams Reach: 330ft / 100m Power Source: Battery Powered (2 AAA) Laser Beam Color: Red Accuracy:  ±1/16 inch (1.5mm) ✔🔴Powerful Red Laser Beam. Bears a strong 800 lumen laser beam to ensure optimal vision while measuring. ✔🖥️HD LCD Screen Large backlight screen provides you with great visibility in very dark or very light areas. Hold the U button to switch among Ft/In/M/Cm freely, convert between units. Multiple measuring modes and data saver (20 sets) to make recording easy. ✔ ‍⛓️Durable & Resistant. IP54 certified waterproof device and dust-proof rubber ensure long term durability, great grip and allow you to treat it carelessly. Pocket size and wrist wrap allows for easy maneuvering & transportation. A must-have laser for every handyman! Stop wasting time, avoid frustration and start enjoying your handy-work!
Portable Tyre Compressor
Portable Tyre Compressor $99.99 $149.99
Portable Tyre Inflator Don't miss out on this mini and portable inflation gear. The pump compressor utilizes the latest technology to inflate ANYTHING at an inconceivable rate for its size. Portable For Emergency Need Store it in your glove-compartment or practically anywhere you like. Its compact & exquisite space-saving design allow you to take it with you anywhere you go, your backpack, purse or even your pocket! Fast Inflation & Multipurpose! By optimizing compression power this inflator works its high speed motor at 18,000rpm for a 30L/min fast inflation. This means a regular (175") tyre at 2.45 bar is inflated in under 5 minutes. While it would be a matter for seconds for a bike, basketball, inflatable matress or pool toys.  Extended Cord For Instant Use Brings an extended power-cord 3 meters (10 feet) long so if you ran out of battery or want a faster compression you can use your 12V/10A car power socket.  Built in Lighting! During dark and unpleasent situations it is always useful to have a powerful flashlight at hand. Press and hold to turn on the LED flashlight to inflate in the dark for emergency use. Instructions - HD Digital LED display for pressure & more makes it extremely easy to use! Simple keys for easy operation. What It Brings - Product Details: 🟠⚫ Color: Black & Orange  ♵Material: ABS anti-slip plastic  📏Dimensions: 169x46x46mm / 6.5x2x2in.  Weight: 550g / 20ounces ❗What it brings: 25cm or 10in inflation tube, 3 meter or 10ft long extended power cord, 3 different types of tyre and ball valves. A must-have inflator for everyone! Stop wasting time with inefficient tools and avoid frustration!
Strong Magnetic Wristband
Strong Magnetic Wristband $24.99 $39.99
  The Magnetic Wristband You know what a hassle assembling and disassembling bits, screws, or bolts can be. Constantly going through your toolbox or searching for misplaced items is a constant in a handymans life. Forget about all this with the revolutionary Magnetic Wristband. Ultra Strong Magnets Do not get fooled with the strength of 15 embedded magnets.  This isn't like any other magnetic wristband. It can hold up any nails, screws, bits and small ratchets/wrenches or tools. The magnets cover up the entirety of the band, allowing you to place screws anywhere and make the most out of it! Every Handyman's Best Friend This magnetic wrist band is the ideal tool for any Electrician, Construction Workers, Carpenters, Plumbers, Cable Installers, Mechanics and DIYers. Ideal for working on ladders, under sinks and in tight spaces, the magnetic wristband is like your third hand to get parts within reach. NO longer climbing up and down the ladder, putting your tools underneath your arm or reach in your pocket putting yourself in dangerous positions. Product Details: Color: Black/Red Material: Breatheable 168D Ballistic Polyester  Size: 370x90x5mm / 13.78x3.54x0.2in. - (Adjustable velcro strap - One size fits all!) Weight: 70g / 2.5 ounces ✔🧲 Powerful Magnet. Embedded with 15 super strong and powerful magnets, that fill up the whole wristband. ✔💼 Easy to Carry. The wristband is under 70g, making it light on your wrist/belt or wherever you decide to adjust it! ✔ ‍💨Bretheable and Durable. Made of durable 100% 168D ballistic Polyester and crafted with breathable padding, making the air flow freely. Won’t make you sweat unbearably even if you wear it for a long time. ✔🎞️ ‍Adjustable Design. Designed with an adjustable closure and the velcro strap adjusts up to 15 inches (38cm) in length to fit any wrists comfortably. Security fasten system ensure it won’t accidentally fall off. You can also attach around your belt or tool bag to always keep your small parts near by. A must-have wrist-band extension for every handyman! Stop wasting time, avoid frustration and start enjoying your handy-work! Buy 1 Get 3 Wrist-Bands❗
Professional Knee Pads For Work
Professional Knee Pads For Work $34.99 $49.99
Save Your Knees! If you’ve ever kneeled down on a hard or uneven surface to do some work, you know it can be brutal on your knees. Beating up your knees can lead to arthritis and other conditions that cause chronic pain. Save them by kneeling on literally ANY surface with these knee pads! Tight & Secure Fit - Technical Details: Color: Black Material: PVC, EVA foam, neoprene, 600D polyester, soft gel Closure Type: Buckle Size: 230x190x60mm. / 9.05x7.48x2.36in. ✔ They don’t roll or slip. Feel safe while moving on any surface, we developed it so the abrasion-resistant PVC caps center on the floor with a textured design, preventing you from rolling or slipping. ✔ They’re built to withstand heavy use. Engineered for heavy-duty construction & double-stitched with extra strong nylon threads. The polyester is also fabricated to breathe, for all-day comfort. Behind the thick foam there is a soft gel core and durable EVA foam padding so you can kneel for hours comfortably! Must-have knee pads for every handyman!
Electric Cordless Hand Drill
Electric Cordless Hand Drill $79.99 $119.99
Not your everyday screwdriver This incredible cordless screwdriver has three torque levels and a two way rotation within its buttons for screw & unscrew functions. It has a high rotational speed of 220 rpm and built-in sensor that will stop the rotation once the screw is removed. Equipped with a comfortable rubber grip and a LED light tip, you will be able to get in to those hard to reach spots and remove screws within seconds. It is comfortable, durable and portable given its light-weight and long lasting battery. Whether it be fixing a set of speakers, installing a computer, setting up a bookshelf or even fixing your bicycle, this cordless hand drill will simply do it. Screw Specifications: The set comes with 12 pieces of 50mm S2 Steel long bits that cover most common household screw types. These include tips and bits of Allen, Phillips, Hexagon, Slotted, Torx and Pozidriv (PH1, PH2, PH3, H3, H4, H5, H6, SL4, T15, T20, T25, PZ2.) The set comes in a frosted alloy storage box. It is equipped with a fast charging C port.  Features  - LED light pointer -Light weight & portable (250g) -Long lasting battery life with a capacity of 1500mAh -3.6V cordless  -Instant rotation stop -Type C charging port  Specifications Power type: rechargeable-lithium battery technologyMaximum torque: 4 (Nm)Power supply voltage: 3.6VRotation speed: 220 (rpm)Rotation: two-wayTotal length: 178.8 (mm) A must-have Hand-Drill for every handy-man!  Stop wasting time with inefficient tools and avoid frustration!   
The Plumber Wrench
The Plumber Wrench from $24.99 $39.99
8-In-1 Sink Wrench Tired of trying to squeeze yourself into tight and uncomfortable spaces just to reach the nuts underneath your faucet?   With The Plumber Wrench, you won't ever have to contort yourself again to operate in tight corners. This unique plumbing tool will help you easily tighten or loosen up nuts and screws that are tucked away in hard-to-reach places!      Multi-purpose It is designed to work seamlessly with everything from supply line nuts, shut-off valves, supply baskets, strainer baskets, sinks, toilets and so much more! Adaptable to a variety of common nut sizes. Ideal for 2, 3, 4, and 6 tab basin nuts.               Labor-saving hole The double-headed version comes with a labor-saving hole extension. This allows you to insert an auxiliary tool to drive the wrench with better grip and torque at awkward angles, while avoid hurting your hands and scratching your faucet installations.          All kinds of features     Materials and dimensions Made of durable ABS anti-slip plastic and lightweight aluminum alloy granting great grip and preventing sore wrists! Brings incorporated a liquid gradienter which can be used to level objects.     A must-have wrench for every plumber! Stop wasting time with inefficient tools and avoid frustration!           
The Universal Wrench
The Universal Wrench $29.99 $49.99
Adapt it to your needs This universal socket wrench will adapt to any type of nut bolt (Ring bolt, square nuts, rotating hooks, hexagons, wing nuts, etc.) You can adapt it to fit many different shapes depending on what you want to fix!             Each of the 54 stainless-steel pins within this universal socket are designed to conform the shape of most objects. This means the device will work with everything from hex nuts to bolt heads to hooks.   Comes with a power drill adapter Equipped with a power drill adapter and a wrench adapter. You can fix it to your power drill and fix anything even faster!    Save tons of time & effort! There is no need for you to change tool several times. You will be able to fix almost anything with just this one tool.  Specifications: Material: Steel Color: sliver Using range: 7-19mm all specification Item size: approx. 53 x 25 mm Net weight: 166g Package Content (1 set): 1 x Universal Socket Adapter 1 x Power Drill Adapter
Earth Planting Auger + Gloves
Earth Planting Auger + Gloves from $24.99 $44.99
The Plant Auger The ultimate tool for your everyday gardening tasks! This Planting Auger is designed with the perfect spiral drill bit. Lose your old and rusty bulb planter and start enjoying your gardening work!              Save time... and your back! The solid shaft ensures drilling holes with maximum efficiency and commodity. Forget about bending over and digging in awkward positions with heavy shovels, prevent back strains!    Various applications The Plant Auger can be used for mixing many types of soil, planting bulbs, potted plants, vegetables, flower, bare root trees or to even drill a hole in the sand to anchor your umbrella.       Compatible with all drills! Not only does it instantly dig deep holes, but it pulverizes the soil, making it convenient to plant anything. Adaptable to any cordless or cable drill and extremely easy to set up!      Materials and Dimensions Made of durable heavy-duty alloy steel. Weight: 950grams / 2.1lbs    A must-have plant-auger for every gardener! Stop wasting time and avoid frustration!          Don't miss out on our exclusive offer!        
PH Digital Soil Analyzer
PH Digital Soil Analyzer $34.99 $59.99
Monitor your planting environment Make sure your plants have enough water, the correct acid-base & temperature, and that they are being exposed to the correct amount of sunlight. With this tool, you can accurately control all of these soil conditions. This digital soil meter is an essential 4 in 1 tool for every gardener. You will be able to carefully monitor your plants' growing environment by measuring PH value, temperature, moisture level and light intensity, maintaining optimal gardening conditions. How it works Equipped with a sensitive 200mm probe and a light sensor that will precisely measure PH, moisture, sunlight and temperature (°C & °F). The information is presented in an easy-to-read LED display. The auto power off function saves battery and extends the product use for several days. Indoor, Outdoor, professional and DIY Be it that you're planting grass, flowers, or professionally gardening & landscape, you are going to want to make sure that you are harvesting the best possible soil conditions.  The digital soil quality analyzer will precisely measure indoor and outdoor planting conditions and help you achieve the best standards of the industry. A must-have tool for every gardener Stop wasting time and avoid frustration!  
Heavy-Duty Working Gloves
Heavy-Duty Working Gloves $39.99 $59.99
Toughest Gloves Out There If you work in a tough environment and need protective gloves that are both strong and durable, you've come to the right place...   Ultra-Protection & Shock Absorption The heavy-duty working gloves are made with TPR knuckle protection and cut-resistant microfiber-leather palm padding. They will provide protection against impact, cuts & scratches.       Comfort & Mobility  Flexible material that protects your hand without compromising mobility or sensitivity. The breathable leather is equipped with ventilation holes that allow optimal air circulation even after hours of wearing them.      Safety & Ultra-Grip Our gloves have an extra layer of microfiber-leather on the palms that is designed to protect your hands against sharp objects and provides additional grip on any type of surface.      Touchscreen Compatible The fingertips are covered by a layer of touch screen sensitive material that enables use of touchscreens.       Fire Resistant & Water Resistant Our gloves are safe to hold in the fire for a few seconds, allowing you to move logs around in a fire. They will also keep your hands dry and warm even under the rain.     Specifications Material: Super Fiber   Use: Heavy Duty Work, Protection, Non-Slip, Outdoors   Packaging list: Gloves x1   A must-have pair of gloves for every handyman!   
Dynamic LED HeadLamp
Dynamic LED HeadLamp $19.99 $29.99
A Powerful Light  This LED Headlamp will provide you with a powerful light and is essential for any type of outdoor activities like camping or hiking. It has 3000 lumens and will illuminate up to 80 meters with a 260-lumen beam of LED light in high mode. It is easily adjustable to fit your head size given its elastic head bands. Waterproof & Unbreakeable It is waterproof and impact proof. A top quality designer headlamp engineered for excellence. This is also the perfect accessory to illuminate your workspace & field of vision, making handy work more pleasant and efficient than ever.   Various Functionalities The LED headlamp can be adjusted to three different light modes: High light, Low light & SOS. The light modes can be adjusted by a practical button. It also has a zoom in and zoom out function that can be managed through the rotary function of the lens. Specifications Material: Durable Aluminum alloy, abrasion resistance.Power supply:  2 x 18650 Rechargeable batteriesSwitch type: Single button (On, off and mode select)Waterproof design3 switch modes to get different brightness: High, Low, and Strobe.High quality T6 LED chip, as bright as a spotlight.Head light can be adjusted around 90 degrees.Adjustable elastic head band.The red indicator light on the battery holder plays a good warning role in night walking or cycling!Suitable for outdoor sport lovers to do some outdoor activities, such as hunting, cycling, climbing, camping, etc. Charger : AC 100-240v   

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