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Sargots is the product of two best friends eager to disrupt the tool industry. We are smart tool enthusiasts, specialized in the design and development of gadgets, with the sole objective of optimizing the workplace


We decided to come together in early 2021 to create a platform that offers the highest quality products with the latest technology, always meeting our client’s standards and needs. We seek to simplify and enhance both professional and DIY at-home repairs by eliminating unnecessary efforts and extra steps.


In order to achieve our target, we made available a wide variety of smart tools, ranging from hand tools and toolboxes to more adjustable and versatile tools. Here, you can buy that specific screwdriver you needed to fix your bike, or the adjustable wrench you were struggling to find in order to tighten that loose pipe...


No matter what type of maintenance repair you are needing, our gadgets and products are specially designed by a team of expert engineers whose main goal is to reduce inefficient practices. We count on an international logistics system in order to provide the best service, and offer worldwide shipping.


At Sargots, we prioritize customer satisfaction, and are constantly seeking ways to innovate with our products. We are determined to expand our catalog with the newest and latest technology in order to offer the most varied products. Your opinion and feedback is what we value most, and what keeps us working towards giving you the best experience!


We would like to thank you for trusting and shopping with us!



The Sargots Team.


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24-in-1 Adaptable Ratchet Set
24-in-1 Adaptable Ratchet Set $44.99 $69.99
Adapt it to your needs This revolutionary toolkit meets the needs for both professional use and home “do-it-yourself” repairs. It was designed for multi-purpose use, as it can be adapted to many combinations in order to reach tight and narrow spaces. Multi-function It's detachable and interchangeable handle allows you to create several ratchet combinations.   The heads and bits are magnetic and differentiated by color. You will be able to quickly identify the piece and set the tool to your specific need.                         This tool will cover all essential head/bit specifications. You can basically repair any device in categories like Computers, Home Appliances, Bicycles, Furniture and Drones with this SINGLE tool set.     Allen (Hexagon), Slotted, Phillips, Pozidriv and Torx     The ratchet wrench can tighten and loosen with incredible accuracy and so little effort!          A high-torque ratchet wrench A delicate gear ratcheting system that only needs a 6.2 degree sweep.    A labor-saving design Say goodbye to old, rusty toolboxes. This set comes in a light weight, portable and stylish box. You can take it anywhere, and it won't occupy much space. You could even take it in a biking trip and it won't bother you at all.        Tool-Box Dimensions:          Industrial grade S2 chromium molybdenum alloy steel made screwdriver heads, with continuous heat treatment process. Assisted high precision CNC integrated molding with carburizing thermal refining, industrial grade service life, hard but not brittle and very tough.   A must-have tool for every handyman! Stop wasting time and avoid frustration!      
Flexible Screwdriver Extension
Flexible Screwdriver Extension $19.99 $29.99
Fix anything, anywhere... This simple drill bit tool extension now allows you to effortlessly reach and screw bolts in tight and narrow spaces.  Strong & flexible! It was designed for it to bend, twist and rotate at different angles. Reaching places that are usually a hassle and awkward to fix with optimal torque and comfortable handability.           Plastic material protects your hands and wrists while you can operate comfortably. Great for computer chassis, electrical cabinets, furniture, electrical appliances, bicycles, cars and any other places regular screwdrivers can't reach. Adaptable for electrical and regular screwdrivers.   Dimensions:    A must-have tool extension for every handyman! Stop wasting time and avoid frustration!                
117-in-1 Precision Screwdriver Set
117-in-1 Precision Screw Set $49.99 $79.99
117-in-1 Precision Screwdriver Set Fix anything with this game-changing precision set! It can be used for home appliances such as tv, air conditioners, fans, fridge, car repair and so much more. Fit for profesional or personal use. Works to disassemble electronic devices such as phones, tablets, digital cameras, watches and consoles.  Flexible, Magnetic & Detachable! Brings along a flexible extension which allows you to effortlessly reach and screw bolts in tight and narrow spaces. It was designed for it to bend, twist and rotate at different angles. Reaching places that are usually a hassle and awkward to fix with optimal torque and comfortable handability.  Its 117 magnetic head-bits cover all essential specifications. Making disassembly more precise and pleasant than ever. All with one-single-tool! Specifications: Product Details: Color: Black/Red/Blue Material: Chrome-Vanadium Steel (Impact Resistant Toolbox) Size: 200x110x60. / 7.87x4.33x2.36in. Weight: 420g / 14.81ounce What it brings... A must-have Tool-Box for every handy-man!  Stop wasting time with inefficient tools and avoid frustration!
Laser Range Measurer
Laser Range Measurer $49.99 $79.99
The Laser Measurer Utilizing precision laser technology, The Laser Measurer allows you to calculate distances quickly, easily and accurately with every use. Forget about old rusty measuring tapes, make your handy-work more practical and fancy than ever! Measure up to 330ft (100 meters) in length! Ideal for interior decoration, renovation, flooring and walls. A quick, easy and accurate way to measure distances while walking. Measure Length, Area & Volume! Take advantage of the latest state-of-the art technology and measure length, area, volume, max & min distances within a scanned range and Pythagorean triangles.  Has incorporated two gradient levelers (horizontal/vetical) to ensure precise measuring. Accuracy of ±1/16 inch (1.5mm). Switch among Ft/In/M/Cm freely, also bears a metric to imperial unit converter or vice-versa. Product Details: Color: Black/Orange Material: ‎Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene Dimensions: 6.1x3.3x2.4 in. / 15.5x8.4x6.1 cm. (Pocket Size!) Weight: 5.6 ounces / 160 grams Reach: 330ft / 100m Power Source: Battery Powered (2 AAA) Laser Beam Color: Red Accuracy:  ±1/16 inch (1.5mm) ✔🔴Powerful Red Laser Beam. Bears a strong 800 lumen laser beam to ensure optimal vision while measuring. ✔🖥️HD LCD Screen Large backlight screen provides you with great visibility in very dark or very light areas. Hold the U button to switch among Ft/In/M/Cm freely, convert between units. Multiple measuring modes and data saver (20 sets) to make recording easy. ✔ ‍⛓️Durable & Resistant. IP54 certified waterproof device and dust-proof rubber ensure long term durability, great grip and allow you to treat it carelessly. Pocket size and wrist wrap allows for easy maneuvering & transportation. A must-have laser for every handyman! Stop wasting time, avoid frustration and start enjoying your handy-work!

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