Earth Planting Auger + Gloves

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Super Bundle (3 Augers +🧤) Mini Auger Wide Auger Long Auger Large Auger

Earth Planting Auger + Gloves

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Super Bundle (3 Augers +🧤) Mini Auger Wide Auger Long Auger Large Auger

The Plant Auger

The ultimate tool for your everyday gardening tasks! This Planting Auger is designed with the perfect spiral drill bit. Lose your old and rusty bulb planter and start enjoying your gardening work!

Save time... and your back!

The solid shaft ensures drilling holes with maximum efficiency and commodity. Forget about bending over and digging in awkward positions with heavy shovels, prevent back strains!

Various applications

The Plant Auger can be used for mixing many types of soil, planting bulbs, potted plants, vegetables, flower, bare root trees or to even drill a hole in the sand to anchor your umbrella.   

Compatible with all drills!

Not only does it instantly dig deep holes, but it pulverizes the soil, making it convenient to plant anything. Adaptable to any cordless or cable drill and extremely easy to set up! 

Materials and Dimensions

Made of durable heavy-duty alloy steel.
Weight: 950grams / 2.1lbs

A must-have plant-auger for every gardener!

Stop wasting time and avoid frustration!   

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